A monk walks through the Wat Phan Tao temple in Chiang Mai decorated with the flags of Thailand and the flags of the Queen in August (2017)


Wat Phan Tao un Chiang Mai decorated with Queen’s blue flags

The Royal Flags of Thailand are flags that are usually flown in Thailand along with the National flag to honor the King as well as the Royal Family of Thailand. Unlike the Royal Standards that are only displayed in special ceremonies and in particular locations, the royal flags are a ubiquitous sight all over Thailand.

The Queen Dowager’s flag is in blue, the color of Friday, the day of her birth. Unlike the flag of the king, her flag has always the same symbol in the middle. The symbol is her acronym, the white letter intertwined with the dark blue letter, below a yellow or golden royal crown, sometimes with a pink scroll with Thai writing underneath. In simplified versions of the flag this symbol may come simply outlined in white on the blue ground. This flag is mostly displayed around August, the month of the Queen Dowager’s birth.

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