My name is Pablo Charlón and through this web you will be able to know my work.

Born in La Coruña (Galicia – Spain) and always fond of photography, in 2007 I bought my first digital SLR camera, which meant a turning point in my perception and dedication to photography. In a short time I complete my inventory moved by the desire to obtain more beautiful images.

Optometrist by profession, I am closely linked to both the medical image and to make people enjoy with the greatest possible clarity the snapshots that make up our day to day.

I have a special weakness for travel photography and I like to go in search of those charming little corners that do not appear in the guides.

I am a freelance photographer and collaborator at the  Getty Images Agency (1, 2, 3), where I contribute to clients such as National Geographic, Apple, Google, Lonely Planet, Microsoft, Amazon, The Telegraph, Orange, Iberia Airlines , British Airways or Paris Match magazine.

I hope you enjoy seeing the photographs, at least a fraction of what I did when I took them.

Pablo Charlón

“Which of my photos is my favorite photograph, one that I’m going to do tomorrow.”
Imogen Cunningham