A boy comes home from school in Dahshur, Egypt – 2010

Being a child in Egypt

Egypt faces a complicated economic situation and therefore needs to make great efforts to reduce the level of poverty in the country. Despite the work done to improve the situation of children’s rights, Egypt is not able to guarantee the exercise of these rights in a climate of peace and freedom.

About 20% of the Egyptian population lives below the poverty line. Children from poor families do not have the necessary resources to access health, education, etc. In addition, the health and school infrastructures are not sufficiently prepared to provide these services.

Despite the fact that the enrollment rate in Egypt stands at 94%, girls are often discriminated against in this area. In fact, girls do not usually have access to high school or university studies.

Many children work in Egypt: more than 7%, according to statistics. These children work as street vendors, cotton pickers or apprentice mechanics.


A group of girls gather outside a school in a village near Aswan


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