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Percebeiros fishing on the Costa da Vela

Percebeiros fishing on the Costa da Vela

The fishermen stare out to sea, which must be flat and smooth for the conditions to be right. Today is not right .

We are just in the Costa da Vela that lies off the Cíes Islands (Galicia – Spain) where, when the sea is in good conditions, they usually work. You can find the largest and fattest examples of gooseneck barnacles, or percebes – the ones that bring in the most money – where the roaring surf crashes wildly on to the rocks just like on this coastline.

Gooseneck barnacles taste so intensely of the sea that the secret of their preparation is extremely simple: you put them in boiling water, ideally sea water, for a couple of minutes, without any other seasoning. Purists say you should be able to taste the waves of the surf and the plankton on which the crustacean has fed.

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